mini_project_1.offer_ride module

Offer a ride

The member should be able to offer rides by providing a date, the number of seats offered, the price per seat, a luggage description, a source location, and a destination location. The member should have the option of adding a car number and any set of enroute locations.

mini_project_1.offer_ride.check_valid_cno(dbcursor, cno, member)[source]

Return whether a member has a car number cno in the database with cursor dbcursor

Return type:bool

Argparser for the shell.MiniProjectShell offer_ride command

Return type:ShellArgumentParser
mini_project_1.offer_ride.offer_ride(database, member, date, seats, price, luggage, source, destination, cno=None, enroute={})[source]

Try to add a ride to the database for the member

Return type:bool
Returns:if a ride has been added (True/False)