mini_project_1.book_member module

Book members

The member should be able to book other members on the rides they offer.

The member should be able to select a ride and book a member for that ride by entering the member email, the number of seats booked, the cost per seat, and pickup and drop off location codes.

Your system should assign a unique booking number (bno) to the booking.

Your system should give a warning if a ride is being overbooked (i.e. the number of seats booked exceeds the number of seats offered), but will allow overbooking if the member confirms it.

After a successful booking, a proper message should be sent to the other member that s/he is booked on the ride.

mini_project_1.book_member.book_member(database, rno, email, seats, seat_price, src, dst)[source]

Books a member on a ride and generates its booking number

Return type:bool

Argparser for the shell.MiniProjectShell book_member command

Return type:ShellArgumentParser