mini_project_1.search_rides module

Search for rides

The member should be able to enter 1-3 location keywords and retrieve all rides that match all keywords. A ride matches a keyword if the keyword matches one of the locations source, destination, or enroute. Also a location matches a keyword if the keyword is either the location code or a substring of the city, the province, or the address fields of the location. For each matching ride, all information about the ride (from the rides table) and car details (if any) will be displayed. If there are more than 5 matches, at most 5 will be shown at a time, and the member is provided an option to see more. The member should be able to select a ride and message the member posting the ride that h/she wants to book seats on that ride.


Argparser for the shell.MiniProjectShell search_rides command

Return type:ShellArgumentParser